Moving Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

Packing Suggestions

Packing your own goods can be a great way to help with expenses. Here are some tips to make your packing experience easier.

  • Do not over-pack boxes — use smaller boxes for heavier items.
  • Put detailed labels on sides and tops of all moving boxes.
  • Start packing unneeded items as soon as you know you’re moving.
  • Place items from the same room in the same box.
  • Always seal boxes with packing tape.
  • Pack over a soft surface to minimize breakage in case you should drop anything.
  • Use packing paper to pack things like lampshades or fine china. Newspaper can stain these items.
  • Make sure that the items you need the most are put on the truck last. This way, they will be the first off the truck at your new home.
Your Moving Schedule

One month before the move:

  • Contact Universal Moving Solutions as soon as you know you are moving.
  • If you want your belongings packed for you, ask us for a free quote.
  • If you are packing yourself, purchase boxes and moving supplies at our online store. No need to go anywhere, we will ship them to you.
  • Plan for moving your pets. Will you need a kennel at times during the moving process?
  • Start to clean storage areas including closets.
  • Have a garage sale and/or make some generous donations to the charity of your choice.
  • Transfer school records if necessary.
  • Get change of address cards from the post office.
  • Notify magazines, charge accounts, insurance companies, clubs and all other organizations of your change of address.
  • Obtain owner’s manuals for the appliances in your new home. You can usually get these online from the manufacturer.
One to Two Weeks Before the Move
  • Create a “Moving Cache” of items you will need for the final clean-up. What will you eat on your last day?
  • If you decided to pack your belongings yourself make sure you label the destination on each box top and a couple of sides.
  • Set a disconnection schedule for the electric, gas, water and the telephone. Leave the phone connected until you have moved. Be sure to get all refunds that are due, and schedule services for your new home.
  • Terminate your current services, such as, newspapers, cable TV, security, pest control, cleaning help and lawn maintenance.
The Week of the Move
  • Send in your change of address forms.
  • Clean the stove.
The Day Before the Move
  • Defrost the refrigerator, then clean and dry it.
  • Get enough cash to tide you over.
  • Say farewell to your neighbors!
Moving Insurance Tips

The moving industry is governed by state regulations, which determine the exact standards and minimums as to how much insurance coverage a company must have.

  • Check your insurance policy. It probably will not cover most of the common damages that may occur;
  • Be aware that damage insurance often comes with a deductible greater than the cost of most minor repairs;
  • Replacement value insurance may not cover valuable papers, recorded electronic media or lost business;
  • Insurance certificates that are filed with your building have nothing to do with your goods;
  • Be sure your mover complies with federal and state insurance regulations and that the insurance is current and certified;
  • Consider supplementing your mover’s insurance coverage with additional coverage of your own insurance when applicable.